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Are dribbling drills in basket ball game is essential for each basket ball player? Possibly the most vital skill required in basketball is dribbling. Effective dribbling is required to bring the ball down the court, begin the offense, get to the basket, run back and much more. The good method to become a effective dribbler is to practice different types of dribbling drills. By studying and understanding the basket ball dribbling drills, players will be convenient controlling and handling the ball. They will get confidence in the dribbling ability.

Important points:

Players must control the ball with the padded portion of the fingers, called as the finger pads. They must prevent utilizing the palms to control the ball. They must practice the drills with left and right hand. Players must keep the head up when dribbling .They must keep the non dribbling hand up to protect the defender. They must train the dribbling drills on their own. Trainers must avail basket ball dribbling drills daily in practice. To practice obtain a feel for the ball and keeping control when dribbling. Players spread out on the court in 4 lines, seeing the coach. They will be in a good position.

Youth basketball drills for beginners

Shield the defender:

Players will perform each of the following drills for thirty to sixty seconds. Players must practice the drills with the non dominant and dominant hand. Few essential points to keep in mind: They must avail the finger pads for controlling the ball. Players must place the non dribbling hand up, hence they can be protect the defender. They must work on placing the head up and not on the ball. Players begin by dribbling the ball with the dominant hand. Players must work on the drill with every hand. They must begin by dribbling the ball at waist level.

Use both the hands:

Players dribble, lower and lower the ball till they are down on the knee, keeping a fast and controlled dribble. They will work the path back up to the feet. Players begin by dribbling the basket ball at their waist level. They fast dribble very low as much as possible they can for certain seconds. They return to a level of their waist and repeat. They must do with each hand. They will dribble once on the right side with the right hand. Then they will cross the ball over the body. They will dribble after using left hand on the left side. They will cross the basketball, same to the crossover.

V dribbles:

Rather than controlling with the left hand, they must slide the right hand and dribble the ball back to the right side. They will dribble on the outside of the right leg. Players must dribble both backward and forward with the V dribble. Players begin with the feet shoulder. They will dribble using right hand and with the left hand. They will make the feet together and avail right and left hands to dribble the basket ball around the legs. They will go down on the knees and avail hands to dribble on the body. Players will take one knee up and another knee down. Players will dribble on the body and under the leg, change positions of their leg and repeat.

basketball shooting drills for youth

Cross over:

Players will begin with the feet and start with the right hand. They will also dribble the basketball by and around the legs. They must begin gradually, control and raise the speed after they get highly convenient with the drill. Players control down the court by using right hand and return with the left hand. They speed dribble down using right hand. They dribble down changing between the speed and control dribble. Players must use right hand and then use left hand. They will avail the cross over technique and back in a zigzag design. They will also avail the reverse move when dribbling. They will avail the behind the back action when dribbling the ball down the court.

Players will avail the cross over and pull back move when they dribble the basketball down the court. A player is removed from the game when they lose the ball, step out of the area, double dribble, or stop the dribble. The first individual in line contains the ball, speed dribble to the other side baseline, availing the right and left hand back. Players pass the ball to the teammate, the team which return all of the players will win the race.

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