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Youth Basketball Drills For Beginners Dribbling Drills

Are dribbling drills in basket ball game is essential for each basket ball player? Possibly the most vital skill required in basketball is dribbling. Effective dribbling is required to bring the ball down the court, begin the offense, get to the basket, run back and much more. The good method to become a effective dribbler is to practice different types of dribbling drills. By studying and understanding the basket ball dribbling drills, players will be convenient controlling and handling the ball. They will get confidence in the dribbling ability. Important points: Players must control the ball with the padded portion of the fingers, called as the finger pads. They must prevent utilizing the palms to control the ball. They must practice the drills with left and right hand. Players must…
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5 Best Kids Basketball Drills To Improve Your Basketball Shooting, Passing and Dribbling

Practice can be a daunting time for any new basketball coach especially if you are a volunteer or first-time coach. The kids are looking at you as if you have the knowledge of Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Lebron James, and Larry Bird (Well, maybe not Larry Bird; his time was before your team was probably born!) rolled into one. As a coach, you want to use your time as best as possible and not only just have some clue what to do but win the game. I'm going to give you five great youth basketball drills that you can use for your next practice and any practice because these exercises are designed to put your kids into game shape as well as help them progress to the next level.  …
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Basic Drills For Youth Basketball

The main reasons for practicing basketball drills is to help the player become skillful and knowledgeable about the game. Teaching basketball drills to kids is not an easy task. The coach's method of teaching them should be simple and understandable. Unlike facilitating, a group of adult players, dealing with kids require both patience and techniques to make it effective. There are several ways in which you can help your children improve their basketball skills. Practicing a few simple basketball drills for kids every day will help them, in the long run, a great deal. The impact of daily practice is underestimated. By nature, kids love to play games. They like to have fun and sometimes, they like to show the best they got to compete with other players. So when…
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Basketball Offensive Zone: A Simple Little Offense to Beat The Zone

As most of you found out in your first year of coaching, most of your opponents played some form of a zone defense, right? Right! So this is where I am going to help you gut the next team that throws a zone at you. And ... it's too simple! Have you taught your players how to set a solid screen that seals? If you have, then move on because this offense is for you. If your team's not good at it yet, then hold off on this offense until they are good at setting screens that seal. OK, let's move on. If you have one of those diagram boards that you can use with a dry erase marker, then go get it. If you don't have one, then grab…
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Basketball Passing: Moving Without the Ball

There is one ball and five players so on average, you spend 80% of the time on offense playing without the ball. While playing without the ball, you should try to accomplish these things: Get open under the basket Help a team mate get open under the basket Get open away from the basket Get a team mate open away from the basket Pull a defensive player away from the basket to open space for a teammate Create a mismatch of size, quickness, or ability by forcing the defense to switch Most of this chapter applies more to man-to-man defense than zones, but many of the techniques will work against either defense. How to Get Open We teach five ways to get open: Move to open space V-cut Back door…
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